A digital comeback of the famous inventor and his world-changing inventions.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Nikola Tesla's digital double and learn from him?

We at Ars Studio Avsenik and LotusArt are creating a photorealistic and animated 3D Digital Double of the father of the Tesla coil himself with lifelike expressions, as well as his top inventions in 3D animations, for the purposes of educational and entertainment presentations.

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Tesla's Announcement


We are bringing to life the journey and teachings of Nikola Tesla by creating his photorealistic 3-dimensional digital double. What you see now on the right (or below if you're on mobile) is just a low-quality draft of a digital Tesla created for our Kickstarter presentation.
With your help we will upgrade him to a top-notch level in 3D realism, with skin and hair details a camera from that era couldn’t capture on a photo.

We will also create 3D animations of Tesla's top inventions to encourage people to learn about his mysterious heritage, and
reignite the spark of the pursuit of knowledge.

Join us in our journey and bring Tesla in the modern world, using innovative technology like holographic projections, VR and AR head sets, animations, e-books, and mobile apps,
suitable for both adults and children.



3D Modeling & 3D Portrait

We will collect reference pictures of Nikola Tesla to reconstruct his head and body proportions. We will then add texture, lighting, skin, hair, and color, not forgetting dressing him in his favorite suit. Our goal is to achieve a hyper realistic digital double with detailed 3D portrait. Quite a challenge, but achievable with your support.


Motion Capture & Animation

With Motion Capture equipment and Tesla’s impersonator, we will capture his body movements, hand gestures and facial expressions. Our fully-rigged animatable 3D model character will be 3D real time animation ready. 3D Nikola Tesla will be able to move, walk and talk with you.


Giving Tesla a Voice

We will use everything we know about Nikola Tesla to try to reproduce his speech pattern and voice. The 3D Digital Double of Nikola Tesla will be able to passionately talk about his discoveries and even sing his favourite song. Another challenge ahead of us, but aren’t we all curious to know how Tesla sounded?


If our Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal by our supportive backers, we will create a fully-rigged, animated, photorealistic and vocal 3D Digital Double of Nikola Tesla with a perfect resemblance and lifelike expressions on a top-notch level in 3D realism, as in the case of 3D Albert Einstein produced by our team member Alexander Beim.


Virtual & Augmented Reality
Holographic Projections
E-books & Apps


We've created several rewards as tokens of our gratitude for everyone who is willing to pledge and support our Kickstarter project. For presenting the rewards we are using a low-quality draft of 3D Nikola Tesla. When the final 3D Digital Double of Nikola Tesla is created, it will be used to produce rewards.

High Five with Tesla

A personalized animated video with a 3D digital double of Nikola Tesla.
Perfect for posting on social media!

Tesla Silver Coin

A double-sided commemorative coin packed in a classy black case.

Maximum Cards with Tesla Stamps

2 Maximum Cards with stamps featuring artwork of Nikola Tesla. Perfect for your stamp collection!

T-Shirts & Hoodies

Design, colour, size and model of your choice. 100% cotton. Available for kids and adults.

Books for the youth and young at heart

Helping you understand the world of electricity with its simple recipes of scientific discoveries.

Nikola Tesla Theme Music

Relax and listen to the songs with music theme about Nikola Tesla’s life and work.

3D Digital Double's Copyright Licence

The licence to use, share, copy, distribute and create your projects with the 3D Nikola Tesla. Only 7 non-exclusive copyright licences out of 9 are available!



We are 8 creative individuals from Slovenian company Ars Studio Avsenik and German company LotusArt. We are specialized in creating 3D animations and visualizations, animated 3D digital doubles and characters, digital art, motion capture and multimedia production.

Martin Avsenik

Multimedia Artist

Alexander Beim

3D Artist Generalist

Urša Flek

PR & Marketing Manager

Rok Jagodnik

3D Generalist

Marko Bradica

Graphic Design Adviser

Andrej Guštin

Science Communicator

Matjaž Učakar

Senior Visual Designer Artist

Inga Bau

Digital Marketing Assistant